Vet Services

Does Your Pet Need to See a Vet?

Does Your Pet Need to See a Vet?

We can fix broken bones, administer vaccines and perform annual exams

When your pet is sick, you immediately visit a veterinarian. Happy Hollow Animal Hospital has a team of educated and passionate staff who is dedicated to making your pet feel better. When your beloved pet needs vaccinations or an annual exam, bring them to us. We'll make sure they're healthy from head to toe. Contact us today to make an appointment.

Turn to us when your pet needs medical attention

If your pet was recently in an accident or needs treatment, bring them to our animal hospital. We can handle any type of sick animal issue. We also have the ability to perform surgeries. At our animal hospital, we can:

  • Administer flea and tick treatments
  • Perform dental procedures
  • Take digital X-rays
  • Perform orthopedic surgeries
  • Process in-house blood work

Your pet will be completely taken care of when you bring them to our practice. Call 580-492-3400 now to learn more about our veterinarian services in Elgin, OK.